Diamond Splendid Savings Insurance Plan

A participating savings policy for your wealth building so you can manage your financial planning with ease...


Taiping Elite Delight Whole Life Coupon Plan

Enjoy attractive returns and achieve your different goals with ease.


Taiping Wealth Renown Protection Plan

Reserve and grow your wealth, nurture your loved ones and future generations


Taiping Term Life (Rider)

Life protection at an affordable premium to meet your needs at different stages of life and gives you and your family total peace of mind.


Taiping EliteLife Protection Plan

The Plan provides you with whole life protection as well as saving elements, allowing you and your family to enjoy a good life with peace of mind.


Taiping Wealth Power Savings Protection Plan

The Plan allows customers to accumulate wealth and enjoy long-term capital appreciation through a 5-year or 10-year premium payment term.

Insurance Tips

Sales and insurance process must be done in Hong Kong in compliance with regulations.