Important Notes:

Official Receipts only available for payment made by cheque.Please refer to Policy Anniversary Statement for payment records.


Sending us a crossed cheque payable to “China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited” drawn from a bank account in Hong Kong. Please write down your policy number and Policyholder name at the back of the cheque and send to our Customer Service Centre.

Autopay – Bank Account:

You can settle renewal premiums of your policy regularly from your designated bank account by sending us a completed Direct Debit Authorization form.

*Premium payment methods may differ, depending on the insurance products. Please contact us for any question you may have.


Collection of levy on insurance premiums from policyowner by the Insurance Authority

Premium Exchange Rate

        1 USD = 7.8540 HKD

Exchange Rate for Payments and Claims

        1 USD =  7.8312 HKD



The exchange rates shown above for all purposes are intended for your reference only, and are subject to updating by TPLHK in its discretion from time to time based on prevailing foreign currency exchange rates with reference to market benchmark rates and/or sources. TPLHK assumes no responsibility for any use of or reliance on the exchange rates shown above.