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Warning Statement on Fraudulent and Misleading Marketing Materials for “Diamond Club Universal Life”, Unauthorized Business Partner and Sales Platforms


China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“TPLHK”) recently found circulation of fraudulent and misleading marketing materials for the product of “Diamond Club Universal Life” of our Company. TPLHK hereby declares we did not authorize the production of such fraudulent and misleading marketing materials.

TPLHK wishes to alert public of the unauthorized business partner and sales platform listed below:

Websites or Media Platform Names    


安泰互联 - 安泰財富管理有限公司

Wechat Official Account

极元理财助手 (ID: jiyuanlczs)

太平香港 (ID: taiping-HK)

理享家财富 (ID: lxjwealth)



These websites promote TPLHK products, as well as indirectly and directly claim itself as business partner or sales platform of TPLHK. TPLHK hereby declares that it has no connection with these fraudulent websites nor authorized sales platforms.

If customers are concerned that they may have disclosed personal information, carried out transactions through these websites, or have received information purporting to be sent from TPLHK, they should report to the Hong Kong Police Force or contact TPLHK Customer Services Hotline at 800 961 589 (HK) or 95589 (PRC).

The official website of TPLHK is